....not just for cooking & washing-up

Some of us spend a lot of our time in the kitchen and it should be a pleasure!

Entertaining or simply cooking the breakfast or evening meal, with everything you need to hand, in a NZCAB kitchen, will be a pleasure and a delight! Our kitchens are designed for practical and easy living

Each kitchen is individually planned to make that pleasure a reality.

All you need within easy reach with the tools and appliances at your fingertips giving you the freedom to concentrate on the important things you want to do.

Bathrooms experience created just for you

Making the most of your bathroom, whether en-suite, loo or under the stairs, requires furniture that has appeal.

But, your bathroom needs to be both practical, highly functional and designed to give you the maximum storage possible. In the smallest room size really does matter. From your medicine cabinet to your soft and private preferences it's nice to store it where it's accessible, but out of sight.

A NZCAB bathroom offers the widest or narrowest range of highly attractive bathroom furniture designs to make the very best use of the space in your bathroom.


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